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Party at your Place!

Mobile pARTies!


We offer a wide range of affordable Mobile pARTies for all ages and skill levels!

Each pARTy-goer is equipped with all supplies needed and given step-by-step instruction to take home a fun-art masterpiece!

The best thing about Mobile pARTies is that we'll clean up and your party can go on and on!

Mobile Party Options:


Want to have your painting pARTy at different, exciting locations?  We can bring the pARTy to you with our Mobile Art Studio!

All we need is at least 2ft table space per person, a water source, and we can accommodate up to 50 family and friends!

Let us help you celebrate:

Adult/Child Birthdays • Staff/Team Building • Corporate Events • Bridal Showers • Bachelorette Parties • Baby Showers • Gender Reveals • Date Night • Reunions • Church Groups • FUN-raisers • Girls Night Out • Holiday Parties • Girl/Boy Scouts •

ANY Occasion!

Having a Mobile pARTy is easy!

  1. Pick a time and date from our Calendar.

  2. Pick a design from our Gallery (Custom designs: 2 wks)

  3. Fill out our Party Request Form.

  4. Once approved, pay a deposit to hold your date and time.

  5. Have fun, we'll clean up! 

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CANVAS PARTY: We offer 8x10, 11x14, 12x12, and 16x20 sizes.  Choose a design from our Gallery, or let us design a custom painting for you (3 week notice).  Most designs in our Gallery fit any canvas sizes.  We recommend 8x10 for ages 1-12, 11x14 for teens, 16x20 for adults. You'll have your very own private instructor to teach you step by step, start to finish, OR you can DIY by choosing the Open Studio party option!  All designs are geared towards those with no painting experience.  Canvas Parties can run 1.5 - 4 hours in length, depending on the size and design.  See pricing tier below.
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WOOD SIGN PARTY: We offer 6x12, 6x16, and 6x24 sizes. Wood Sign Parties are a little different than canvas - we teach you how to use the supplies available and then turn you loose to create!  We have a large variety of supplies and stencils to create your very own beautiful sign!  Wood Sign Parties are max 3 hours. See pricing tier below.
**Wood sign stencil gallery coming soon.**
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GLASS PARTY:  We offer a wide variety of glass pieces for you to choose from!  Glass Parties are like Wood Sign Parties - we teach you how to use the supplies and templates, then turn you loose to create your very own unique art glass piece!  Choose one of our templates or find other designs on Google or Pinterest! Glass Parties are max 3 hours. See pricing tier below.
VIRTUAL ZOOM PARTY:  We provide canvas, paint, stencils, plate palettes, brushes (borrow or purchase), and Zoom link!  You provide rinse cups, napkins, a computer and friends! When you're all done, return the borrowed brushes the next day.  Local delivery and pickup options available.  Be sure to check the "Virtual Zoom Party" on the Party Request FormPrices follow the Studio Private Party pricing tier.
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PAINT N' PASS PARTY:  The FUNNEST PAINTING PARTY ON THE PLANET!  Each painter in your party is given a 16x20 canvas, use of a limited number of unique painting tools & your imagination!  A timer is set, then after the timer goes off - we PASS our paintings to our neighbor!  But be careful, don't break the rules... or you'll suffer the consequences!  4 participants, $35 per person. 6 or more participants, $30 per person.  1.5 hours.

Surfin Hawaii Mural.png
Quilt Mural.png

GROUP MURAL:  Group Murals are large pictures made up of individual canvases.  Each person paints their own canvas then they are hung together to create a mural!  When you choose a Group Mural, we will pre-draw your design on each canvas then provide instruction and help to each painter.  Each painter will also be provided with a photo of what the finished mural will look like AND a photo of what their own canvas should look like. There are 4 options for Group Murals:

  1. Company Logo

  2. Gallery painting

  3. Custom design

  4. Quilt Murals

When you choose "Group Mural" on the Party Request Form, we'll contact you to discuss the options and pricing.

Minimum 9 participants, instructors can join to help fulfill minimum.  4-8 hours in length depending on size and design of your mural.

Hope Fundraiser Painting.jpg

FUN-RAISERS: FUN-raisers are a unique way to raise funds for your non-profit organization or team.  FUN-raisers are 16x20 canvas only, and start out at $35 per person.  When you choose this option on the Party Request Form, we will contact you with for more information and to answer any questions you might have.  For more information about our FUN-raising ministry, please visit our Art with Heart page!


*We do not hold FUN-raisers for political candidates or political causes.*

Mobile Party Pricing:

Minimum 10 participants required for Mobile Painting pARTies.

Mobile Parties outside of Delaware County, Indiana, are subject to

$1 per mile fee, round trip.

Unsure of how many will attend your party?  Give us a call and we'll talk!


Mobile Party Pricing Table 10 to 25 peop
Mobile Party Pricing Table 26 to 50 peop
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Pop-Up Painting Party!
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Need more people for lower prices?  Turn your Mobile Private pARTy into a Public Pop-Up Painting Party!  Pop-Up prices are the same as the 10-25 Painters Pricing Tier above.  We'll schedule your party on the Studio Calendar and handle all the advertising, create a registration page, and make you a host on your own Facebook Event so you can invite friends!  This option requires 2 week notice so we can give adequate time to advertise. Pop-Up Painting Party Hosts are charged a deposit, but your deposit is returned as long as you have a minimum of 10 paying participants and don't cancel your party.  Just click the "Pop-Up Painting Party" option on the Party Request Form.
Host Incentives:
Have 12 paid participants at your mobile party and get 1 seat free!  Redeem your free seat at your party, or receive a Gift Certificate to use at another party or Open Studio.  (Expires 6 months.  Value based on party seat price. Not applicable with any other discounts or fundraisers.)
Book a party at your mobile event and receive a free seat Gift Certificate good at a party or Open Studio.  Party must have at least 5 paying guests and be completed before receiving Gift Certificate. (Expires 6 months.  Value based on party seat price.)
When your friends book a party that you referred, you'll receive a Gift Certificate good for a party or Open Studio.  Referral party must have at least 5 paying guests and be completed before receiving Gift Certificate.  (Expires 6 months.  Value based on party seat price.)
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