Our Story

It all began in 2014 with two friends going to a local restaurant's paint night.  "You can totally do this."  "We can TOTALLY do this."  And we did.

It was an answer to prayer that owner, artist, and former art teacher Misty Cougill had been searching for.  The prayer?  "How can I make a difference and spread His message of hope?"  The answer?  Through art.

In September of 2015, Let There Be Art was born through the help and support of family and friends!

Let There Be Art's Mission:



  • Spread hope through art.

  • Make a positive impact in families and the community.

  • Develop compassion, kindness, humility, & love for others.

  • Provide a platform for creatives to teach, create, and generate income.

  • Provide art opportunities to those with little or no income.

  • Encourage creativity at all skill levels.

We soon discovered not only were we to TEACH others how to create art, but also HELP others through art.  The Art with Heart ministry was born in early 2016!  Since then, a large portion of studio proceeds have gone towards the Art with Heart ministry.  The Art with Heart ministry has developed 4 stages:

Stage 1:
Fundraisers that help non-profit organizations and causes in the community.

Stage 2:
Help those with little or no income enjoy art through free events & classes, free art kits, and promote free artistic opportunities.

We're here! Stage 3:  We're here! 

Art & Art History Lessons:  We've been approached by many parents asking if we will offer art lessons.  We're working to meet this need!

(Projected start date: Spring 2021)

Art with Heart Boutique: A small boutique that curates art and crafts from local and international artisans. Now Open!

​Stage 4:
 Income with Impact Business Training: A faith based, sustainable business course geared towards artisans and small businesses.

(Projected start date: March, 2021)


​Stage 5:

Take the Art with Heart Ministry to the local community, then the world!

Will more stages be added?  Maybe!  We are definitely excited about this journey that God has us on!  Our hope in God, coupled with our passion for art, keeps us inspired to bring you new and exciting artistic experiences.

Thank you for being part of our journey and supporting our little art studio!

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812 W White River Blvd

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Parking in back!

Business Hours:

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